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My name is Charlie and live in the UK. I started You, Me and HD, after the diagnosis of my Dad in March 2019. My dad found out he had Huntington's Disease two days before I gave birth to my first child and his first grandchild. 

You, Me and HD isn't just here to tell my story, I hope through speaking out will help me connect to others suffering as a result of HD. I hope this educates people and helps them look beyond the facts in font in front of them. I want them to see the faces and the stories of our experiences living with this rare disease. I also want a safe place anyone can come to and be heard especially those having to make the choice to be tested and coming to terms with their results and indeed their future. 

DISCLAIMER - All fact based knowledge is source only through the links found within the 'About HD' links unless stated. 



Our Genetic Testing Journey was filmed by the
BBC with Stacey Dooley

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