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Dear Stranger

You are not alone. I’m in that place too. I’m struggling to make sense of the unknown and what that truly means. I’m trying to be a girlfriend, daughter, sister and more importantly a mother but this is a situation like no other. We had a plan, we had adventures to look forward to, time to be excited about and now we don’t know. I started to finally sort things out and feel abit more clearer about what tomorrow would bring. I always knew it was never going to be easy just never knew what was around the corner. This frustrates me as yet again I’m back to this feeling of that as a mum I should of known. I should of know because I took things for granted. I always look for the negative and compare. I always want to be the best I can but don’t realise that I was always there. There is so much I wish I could change but accepting that is half the battle but now I need to. I need to remember this moment. And breathe. Breathe like I never smell the air before. Look up as though I’d never been outside before. Love without fear of loss. Live life positively and realise this is it. Stop doubting myself and let it go. Some battles we can’t find the words to defend ourselves or the cure to make things better but acceptance is key. Accepting that hope is there and believing it will all be ok. This needs to start now we can’t keep making mistakes and wasting time because ultimately we all want to look back and say I lived. Ride the rollercoaster but know that for each great height might only be brief but so will the fall. Embrace it. Let’s not be scare anymore. Enjoy each moment because time waits for no one.

Stay safe,

Love Charlie

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