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Love Always, Mum x

“I love and adore my husband and worship the children we made together, you never stop being a parent. Your children didn’t ask to be born you chose to have them. They are yours, no one gets a say in changing their lives and family forever without running it by me your mum. So I am so intensely annoyed that this joker called HD, assumes the right to make decisions about my babies and their amazing dad. I am suddenly a failure because I cannot protect you. I should be taking all this pain for you, I should be able to put a plaster on you and it will disappear, but I know this is a cut that will not heal. So the only choice this joker has given me is to find my fight again and fight for all of you. If and when the 3 of you decide to be tested I will be there. My darling Charlie I am just so angry and scared because usually I have all the answers. But I will always have a heart full of love for you all. Its just a new journey for our family but to a place none of us want to go. I have to remember what our beloved Winnie the Pooh says “Your are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smattered than you think and loved more than you know”.

Love Always,

Mum x

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